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Rolf Walter

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Jun 19, 2025

The Maitland Concept® is based on a detailed assessment of neuro-musculoskeletal disorders; the continuous evaluation process allows the operator to always be in control of the result of the applied techniques. Besides joints and muscular bands, the Maitland Concept® also gives importance to all the aspects concerning  the functionality of the peripheral and central nervous system.
These considerations based on the latest neurobiological and neurodynamical knowledges included in a biopsychosocial model, make this method one of the most advanced concept.

The total time spent between teacher-student-patients is 160 hours.

Theory: 37 hours, practice: 105 hours, examination and treatment of the patient by the participants: 11 hours, demonstrations with the patient by the teacher: 7 hours.

THEORY: Introduction to the 4-hour Maitland Concept, 3-hour movement diagram, general subjective examination, lumbar, cervical, thoracic, sacro-iliac, temporomandibular, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand complex, hip, knee and foot complex 13 hours, general physical examination 1 hour, annotations 2 hours, instability against hypermobility 2 hours, spinal traction 1 hour, osteoarthritis and pathologies from overuse 2 hours, aspects for the home program 1 hour, selection of techniques 4 hours, evaluation aspects and 4 hours revaluation.

PRACTICE: Procedures for the objective examination: 35 hours for musculoskeletal examination of the rachis excluding the combined movements and the differentiation of the functional demonstration, 37 hours for the peripheral joints excluding the differentiation of the functional demonstration. Treatment procedures including treatment progression:

  1. vertebral – treatment techniques with intervertebral accessory movements, spinal traction, cervical rotation, cervical lateroflexion, lumbar rotation, sacroiliac (15 hours).
  2. peripheral joints with accessory and physiological movements used in degrees and in different positions physiological according to teaching techniques (16 hours).
  3. home program (2 hours).
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  • End: Jun 23, 2025

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